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Get your facts straight John. Size 14, even 16, is really an average size for women today. Your last comment was insulting -- commenting on these "Big Women." To make a comment like that really lowered my respect for you. You must think it's normal to be like those skinny little Hollywood type women who have to puke after they eat a carrot stick for fear they may become a size 1. Give me a beak, John!

--Laura Jacobson

What is with kids having peanut allergies these days? I never heard of this until recently and now it's so prevalent. What's going on here? Is it over-protective parents or a real concern?

--Suzanne Hooker

I think it's a real concern. One of my kids can't breathe (and must immediately get a shot of adrenaline, or she'll die) if she touches even a small amount of peanuts, or peanut butter. Fluffernutter sent her to the hospital last time.

People can't tell the difference in between the vodkas. In fact, in the casino, when serving free drinks to people gambling, very seldom do we pour anything but our house vodka. Even when something else is requested.

--M. E.

I suspected that.

I find your reporting at times amusing, other times annoying. As an attorney (yes I know, you hit us hard) I found several years ago a "special" on free speech fascinating that you hosted, and how people, who claim to be pro-First Amendment, shouted down others at a college campus who they did not agree with. That had and has a powerful resonating message with me.

As for annoying, well I'll leave you with this, and forgive the paraphrasing from Socrates Defense (I'd like to think all people of the press would adhere to this):

"God has specially appointed me to this city, as thought it were a large thoroughbred horse which, because of its great size is inclined to be lazy and needs the stimulation of some stinging fly. It seems to me that God has long attached me to this city to perform the office of such a fly, and all day long I never cease to settle here, there, and everywhere, rousing, persuading, reproving, everyone of you. You will not easily find another like me gentlemen."

Keep on "stinging,"

John Martin

PS: Why do lawyers get all the bad raps anyway? Did you ever think how people address me? They say "It's THE lawyer" Does anyone care that jury trials are down? That the number of filings of lawsuits in general last I checked are down? Lawyers are demonized. And why? Since when did a profession become a characterization? Do you refer to your neighbor as "the pest control guy?"

If he's a "pest control guy," I might. But the difference is that pest control guy can't come enter my house if I don't invite him. You lawyers get bad raps because you intrude into my life against my will. You use force. You do some good, but, often, much more harm. If the number of lawsuits is down (if it is, bet it's a short-term dip), I'm thrilled.

I'd like to know more about your knee operation. I thought I heard you say something about cartilage regenerating itself. What doctor did the operation and is there a name for it? How are you doing now? Can you participate in sports?


Rose Argetsinger

The operation is called microfracture surgery. Mine was done by Dr. David Altcheck. After nine weeks on crutches, I'm still doing rehab. Very frustrating.

John, I just finished your book [ORDER HERE] in three days. This was truly a great experience.

-Jacque Lahaie, Alpharetta, Ga.

Glad you liked it. There'll be more "Give Me a Break"-like stories in Friday's "Myth" show!

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