Who Will Get Pregnant First?

Dr. Larry Lipschultz, a fertility expert at the Baylor College of Medicine in Houston, came up with a scorecard to analyze the risk factors for each couple and predict who will get pregnant first. He scored them on how frequently they have sex and whether they are having it at the right time, age, weight, stress, smoking, drugs, alcohol, testicular trauma, sexually transmitted diseases and other medical issues.

His pick to get pregnant first was the Maxwells.

"I felt that the younger couples had other issues in terms of their work schedules and their stress levels that were going to keep them from having the frequency of sexual relations that they needed to make a pregancy occur, while the Maxwells did not have that as one of their issues," he explained.

When Lipschultz found out that Krista Spradlin was in fact the first to get pregnant, he said, "I think what this just shows us is that the younger you are, the more likely you are to get pregnant, given the fact that you do get a chance to get together, which obviously happened with the Spradlins."

It just goes to show that in the baby-making game, Mother Nature gets the last word.

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