20/20: Ethiopian Daughter Reunites with Family

Asha was amazed that Lydia could walk and kept asking about her legs. She said she remembers having the seizure while holding her daughter near the fire, but she doesn't remember anything else after that. She also told Lydia how painful it had been to give her up, but without money for medicine or even a clean place to house her injured daughter, she felt she had no choice.

Asha, now about 50 years old, lives as Ethiopians have for centuries. She and her family share a simple grass hut, keep chickens for eggs and grow what they need to survive using primitive tools. Lydia brought about $500 — a small fortune — to help her family.

Less than 24 hours later, it was time for Lydia to get back on the plane and start the journey back to the United States. She kissed her mother goodbye and promised to return some day.

But that seemed small comfort to the grieving mother, who had to say goodbye again to the daughter she lost so long ago.

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