'2020' Profiles Young Royals

These are not your father's royals. They're a new generation with a pedigree walking a fine line between the sacred traditions of the past and the new rules for royalty in the 21st century.

Today's young royals drive their own cars, occasionally date commoners and hang out at London clubs, while also holding a place in line for a crown. Here's a look at some of Europe's young and privileged.

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Britain’s Bachelor Princes

Prince William is a 21-year-old superstar set to inherit $1 billion, not to mention the throne of England. Every time he flashes that doe-eyed grin the world thinks of his mother.

But while William has Diana's looks, it's 19-year-old Harry who is said to embody more of his mother's playful personality.

In many ways they're just like other teens. William drives a little too fast and racks up huge cell phone bills. Both boys like to party, and Harry, nicknamed the "King of Clubs," got himself into trouble at age 16.

But ultimately, they're still royalty. William is treated publicly like a pop star, according to Simon Perry, who covers the royals for People magazine. "He and Harry went to Vancouver with their dad, and it was all 'We love you, Will' banners and things like that," said Perry. "It may have been Britney Spears that got out of the Land Rover."

And like Spears, the young princes face scrutiny in the press.

"They have a love-hate relationship in many respects because they also know, especially as they're moving into adulthood now, that they need the press," said Perry.

"[If] we don't read about William and Harry then we don't connect with them."

The princes have learned to live in this media bubble, finding refuge behind the walls of their family's lavish palaces and enjoying discreet courtships while hiding in plain sight. The woman said to be Prince William's current girlfriend, Kate Middleton, is one of his college flatmates.

"For two academic years he's lived with the girl who's now his girlfriend. I understand that he's probably been dating her for at least a year," said Perry. He said the living situation is a good strategy for the high-profile romance. "He doesn't get seen leaving somewhere at 3 a.m. in the morning. Because, hey, the girlfriend's on his doorstep the whole time."

Perry described Middleton as "sporty" with a lot going for her. "She's quite tall, I think she's at least 5 [foot] 11 and he's 6 [foot] 3. So you need to be quite tall to even kiss him," said Perry.

If "Kiss Me Kate" is not a long-running show, William and his brother will continue to search for the perfect princess. And we'll keep an eye on them. We followed them from boyhood to bachelorhood and we can't stop watching.

Prince for Hire

Being a royal does not exclude you from employment, according to Prince Nikolaos of Greece.

He is the son of Constantine II, the last king of Greece, and has William and Harry as cousins. In his first network television interview, Nikolaos met with ABCNEWS in New York and London, where he leads a fairly normal life.

The Greek prince buys his own paper, eats fast food and drives and parks his own car. He also works, running the Anna Maria Foundation, a charity for disaster victims in Greece. He previously took a job in journalism.

"When I finished university I went to work for Fox TV in New York and I worked as a production assistant," Nikolaos told 20/20.

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