From Full Moons to Baldness


Marc, one of the New Jersey teens we spoke with, said guys who are experienced with sex make younger, inexperienced guys feel pressure to do it.

"It gets me nervous," he said, "knowing that I'm at this age and I haven't had it yet, I haven't done it yet. And like everyone else has, so like, maybe — like I feel that I should be doing it," he said.

"I think the majority of the pressure that boys are feeling comes from a kind of cultural expectation. This is what men are like. Men want to have sex, and they'll have sex whenever they can at any point," said Dr. Justin Richardson, a psychiatrist who has written a book about adolescence and sex.

"The pressure comes from society. It gets placed on the shoulders of the boy and the boy in the relationship can then put a little bit of that pressure on the girl," Richardson said.

MYTH #7 — Do Psychics Have Psychic Powers That Solve Crimes?

Lots of people believe that psychics can use special powers to help police solve crimes or find missing people.

Kathy Kupka wanted to believe it. Her younger sister Kristine had been going out with a man Kathy didn't trust, and when Kristine didn't return home after getting in that man's car, Kathy suspected her sister had been killed.

In her desperation to find her sister, she put up a billboard offering a $25,000 reward.

So-called psychics started calling her. And she hired some of them, trying anything she could to find her sister. She even contacted one of America's most famous psychics, Sylvia Browne.

She thought Browne would be the one to help her. "I was super-hopeful. I was like, 'oh that's it. We're definitely going to find her. There's no doubt in my mind.'"

Kupka got on a TV show where Browne was demonstrating her ability to talk to the dead. Browne quickly said Kristine was communicating to Browne, and that Kristine was dead, in New Mexico.

Police checked out Browne's lead, and found nothing.

We wanted to talk to Browne. She agreed, and then backed out. She told us she's solved thousands of cases and never charges grieving families for her services. Several years ago, however, a magazine examined 35 cases Browne had been involved in. They couldn't find proof that she had solved any.

The National Center for Missing and Exploited Children and the FBI also maintain that psychics have never helped solve a single missing person case.

We helped Kathy give it one more try. We asked Kathlyn Rhea, a famous psychic who police work with regularly and credit her with sometimes helping them.

We paid Rhea $1,800 for her services. She explained to Kathy and the private investigator Kathy hired, that Kristine had been murdered.

She was very confident about it, and about where her body was.

She told us to look for: A road that branches off like a Y-shaped divide in the road. What looks like a country church. Something with the letter S. We tried to follow her instructions: But there were lots of Ys in the road; signs with an S.

Rhea wouldn't take us to the spot she was describing.

Mark Klaas , father of 12-year-old Polly, who was abducted and murdered in California, also went to psychics to try to find his daughter. None of them found his daughter's body.

But Kathlyn Rhea later went on a television tabloid program and said she was certain they had the right man because he looked the way she had thought. He was outraged and described psychics as predators who capitalized on families' grief.

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