Ohio Woman Survives Husband's Murder Plots

Amy Jones is a remarkable woman whose holidays are getting brighter but are still tainted by a horrific history of domestic violence. Jones survived three attempts on her life by her husband, Chris Rezos, who shot her, beat her savagely and left her for dead.

Jones is doing well now. Beyond surviving her tragic ordeal, she is using her experience to help others.

Ohio Passes 'Amy's Law'

Last May after "20/20" aired Amy's harrowing story (Click here to read her story), Ohio Gov. Bob Taft signed "Amy's Law," requiring judges to follow a set of guidelines before setting bond for violent abusers like Rezos.

The outpouring of public support for Amy's Law has been nothing less then astonishing.

The law now provides women with protection that certainly would have benefited Jones. "He [Chris] would not have been let out after the first incident. He would have been kept in jail, and I wouldn't have been shot in the head. The first incident could not have been prevented. The second one could have, and I think it would have helped," she said.

Today Amy continues to fight for victims of domestic violence. She has divorced her husband, found a new boyfriend and gone back to using her maiden name, Jones. She said the community support has been gratifying. "I'll be shopping in a grocery store and somebody will stop by and hug me and say, 'Thank you, I appreciate what you've done'."

As they are for most of us, the holidays for Jones are about faith and family. But for her, there's a deeper meaning that perhaps only she can fully understand.

"To me everyday is a gift, because I almost had every day taken away from me," she said.