Note to Abuse Victims: Surf the Web Safely

Although your Internet activities leave no paper trail, every click of the mouse and stroke on the keyboard leaves behind a virtual trail of your online journeys.

There are a number of places on your computer that record which sites you've visited, what searches you've made and what addresses you've typed in. This data is held in your computer until it is manually cleared.

If you believe that you would be in danger if someone discovered you'd visited this or other domestic-abuse sites, you need to know how to protect yourself.

The links below offer guidelines on clearing your cache, your cookies and your history. Unfortunately, these are not 100 percent effective if someone is determined to spy on you online, but they will deter the average user.

Before clicking on the links below and following the instructions, determine the type of browser you are using to search the Internet (Firefox, Safari, Internet Explorer or Netscape). If you are using a different type of browser (AOL, for example), you will need to consult with either an operating manual or with the software company for instructions.

Click here to get instructions on clearing your cache, history and cookies on Internet Explorer and Netscape.

Click here for graphic instructions on clearing your cache, history and cookies on Internet Explorer, Netscape, Safari and Firefox.

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