Evil: Nature or Nurture?

Monsignor Jim Lisante from the Roman Catholic Church in New York said of purgatory, "It's a place of atonement, and it means you are paying back in some way. I have to believe that means that it's not a pleasant experience. You are forgiven but you gotta pay."

Eastern religions also believe in a temporary hell where Handy would "burn off" bad karma before reincarnation.

Jews don't give much definition to the afterworld, but Muslims are quite specific. Someone like Handy will drink molten copper in the pits of Jehennem.

But, for evangelical Christians, justice in hell can be avoided altogether with one simple prayer.

The Rev. Tom Brown, an evangelical pastor from the Word of Life Church, says that for a person who has "lived a wicked life, but if he turns to God and says, 'Lord, I am sorry,' and he truly repents, God will not remember his past wickedness, but only his present righteousness."

For a grieving relative, this notion can be hard to accept. Regarding the pain Handy's act has added to his life, Frost said, "If there's a hell, he's going there. And you hear people talking about demons on Earth, guardian angels — if there are demons, he's one of them."

And if he were to have a jailhouse conversion? Frost said, "It would matter somewhat. It would matter somewhat."

Handy's mother has said she wants, more than anything else, for him to have a change of heart and apologize to the families of the people he killed.

Handy's response was unapologetic. "Look, man, like I said before, if I was gonna be sorry for what I was gonna do, I wouldn't have did it in the first place."

He also has little concern for his soul. "If I go to hell, then so be it. Then so be it."

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