20/20 Friday: The Guinness World Records Phenomenon

Holding a world record does require dedication, and no one knows that better than the person who holds the most records in the world. As a young boy flipping through the pages of the Guinness World Records, Ashrita Furman never imagined that he would one day be featured along side his childhood idols. He says achieving a Guinness World Record was just a dream. "There was no possibility as far as I saw it," Furman says. "Because the records that really impressed me were physical records, and I knew there was no way I could do it. I had that ideal of attaining a record, but I knew it was impossible."

But today, Furman has the honor of holding more Guinness World Records than any one else in the world. He currently has 69 records, but over the course of the past 25 years, he has broken close to 200 records, for feats ranging from somersaulting the longest continuous distance (over 12 miles in 10 and a half hours, stopping only to vomit), to playing 434 games of Hopscotch in 24 hours.

In fact, breaking Guinness records has become the focus and drive of Furman's life. How did the young boy obsessed with Guinness become a man known around the world for all his wacky records? We'll have his surprising story.

What if you've always wanted to get into the Guinness World Records, but you're not willing to let your beard grow past your knees, or the thought of eating 50 hot dogs in one sitting gives you the shakes? Here's another idea: gather up all your friends and family and all their friends and families and so on and so on, because group records are a huge part of today's book.

How about the record for the largest gathering of people with the same last name? The most champagne bottles being uncorked at the same time? Or the most most bikini-clad women gathered for a single photo shoot? These are but a few of the group records thousands of people have attempted in the past year.

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