Meet the Tallest Men in the World

His prized possession is his computer, which he uses for the Internet, although the keys are tiny for his fingers and typing an e-mail is time-consuming.

Everyone knows Stadnik in his small village, but then again, everyone knows everyone.-- Stadnik stands out, but people don't treat him any differently. Since his discovery by Guinness World Records, things have changed, and strangers have come to see and meet the tallest man in the world.

And when you meet him you get the sense that Stadnik is looking forward to the time when things are back to normal. He'll continue to have to deal with the challenges that come with his particular condition, but to the people of Podoliantsi, he's just another farmer down the road.

Perhaps his record-book status will help him find love as well, the way it helped Bao, who no longer holds the title of world's tallest man but proudly holds hands with the wife he never thought he'd have.

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