'How Do You Sleep?'

How do you suppose a woman manages to use the bathroom, despite her 35-inch-nails? And did another woman have surgery to end up with the world's smallest waist? ABC News sat down with these two Guinness World Record holders, Lee Redmond and Cathie Jung, to find out what life is really like for each of them. Check out their interesting statistics, and read their candid answers, below.

Lee Redmond

Guinness World Record: World's longest fingernails on a female

Age: 66 years old

Astrological sign: Aquarius, the sign of the "unusual"

Dimensions: 5 feet 1 inch, 97 pounds, 35-inch-long nails on each finger


Home state: Utah

Family: Mother of three, grandmother and great-grandmother.

Years Spent Working on Her Guinness World Record: Last cut her nails in 1979 when Jimmy Carter was president

Career: Former beautician who still colors her own hair

First time in the Guinness World Records: 2002

Frequently asked questions:

Why do you have such long nails?
"I just kept letting 'em grow and kept setting dates to cut 'em, and I never could cut 'em. I don't know. They had just become part of me. I even went to psychologists [and] psychiatrists, trying to understand why. Why can't I cut 'em? And you think, 'Golly, just cut 'em and be normal.' But you know, what is normal, you know? Who can define what normal is? They come out of my body. It's the same thing as yours. The only thing your nail and hair is made of is protein.

"My thinking is, maybe this is the only thing that I really am in control of. I've been controlled by people my whole life. And so, maybe this is the only thing that I totally am in control of."

How did you make it into the Guinness World Record Book?
"My sister-in-law called Guinness when [my nails] were about five inches. And they put 'em in the files, because that was nothing back then. They checked back with me in early 2000, and I was ready to have the official measurement. They came out to the house and measured each nail and made sure they were really mine, and I set the record back then when they were about 25 inches of nails.

"Everybody dreams of either inventing or doing something, you know? Nobody wants to be a nobody. It's like, 'What could I do? What could I do?' I meet so many people doing the same thing. Well, I want to get in the Guinness book.

"One day, I just stopped cutting them, and then they became a ticket to see the world, because I started flying out all over the world for television, and I have met a lot of very, very unique people in the world."

What are people's reactions when they see your nails?
"Well, since day one, it has always been a positive reaction. When they were just 3.5 inches long, a TV producer's wife saw them in a local mall, and I was on TV. When they were 9 inches long, the National Enquirer put me in their magazine. People's eyes always go big. I'm on the marquee in Times Square. I've been flown all over the world ... It's just been a great ride with these nails, and I always joke, 'can you imagine the casket they'll have to get to put me in?'"

Have you ever broken a nail?
"Oh, yes. Thankfully, it's just been on the top. One time, I was walking the red carpet at the opening of the Ripley's Believe It or Not museum in New York City, and I tripped, and the top cracked. I have to be very careful. Especially during the cold months."

"When I'm ready to have them removed, I'll need to have them lasered off."

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