Man Without Legs Harnesses Public Gaze

"I'm using my arms … about twice as much as anyone else would," Connolly said. "The thing that I use as a motivator a lot of times, is to tell myself that I, maybe, have 10 years before my shoulders and my back go, and I won't be able to do what I'm doing now. The whole idea is really just to keep me moving, so that by the time I'm 30, hopefully, I'm where I want to be in my career, and I've done all these projects that I'm capable of doing now."

He also finds that people are curious about his personal life. He has a girlfriend — someone he met in New Zealand. But he won't elaborate on their relationship.

"The questions people ask me — 'how do you go to the bathroom? … … How do you get up on counters? How do you cook?' — all these things don't really bug me, anymore," Connolly said. "That's largely due to the fact that I'm older, and that that's what I'm capitalizing on in this photography project — utilizing those questions and that curiosity for my own benefit."

In fact, people are welcome to ask all the questions they want about Connolly's adventures. They should also be prepared to ask a few questions of themselves.

"I like making it difficult for people," Connolly said. "I don't want to give people the luxury of staring at someone who's weird — giving a pat on the back for some accomplishment, or for just getting through day to day — and moving on. I don't want to make it that easy for people."

"I think that … the job of any photographer, or anyone who can call themself an artist, is to make people question what they do on reflex … to make people question a value or an idea that's so common, that people haven't really looked at it yet. And so, right now, what I'm standing for … it's that."

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