The Science of Seduction: Why Him, Why Her?

"So I looked at these four chemical systems and I thought to myself, maybe you could create a questionnaire to see to what degree we express each of these," she said. "And if I could create a questionnaire that could establish who you are, and then on a dating site, watch which biological type is drawn to which other biological type, I might come closer to understanding why him, why her."

Fisher teamed with Internet dating site, and together they developed a questionnaire designed to elicit which personality type a member most resembles. To date, 7 million people worldwide have taken the questionnaire, and Fisher has been able to see who matched up with whom. She has put the results of her work into a new book titled "Why Him Why Her?"

So which types do attract? Fisher has found that explorers go for other explorers, and builders go for other builders. But the high testosterone directors go for the high-estrogen negotiators, and vice versa.

To get an up-close look at the science of love, Fisher also asked to host a party for 150 singles in New York. Everyone was assigned a personality type based on Fisher's questionnaire, and everyone was given a task: meet a list of potential partners based on Fisher's insights about romantic compatibility. When the party was over, Fisher chose five couples for "20/20" to follow. Watch this Friday as we follow them on the road to romance.

Are you an explorer, a builder, a director or a negotiator? Answer the questions on the next page to find out. Or go to to take Fisher's complete questionnaire.

Answer the following questions from Fisher's test to find out more about your personality:

What do your doodles look like?


Doodles are used to determine if you are empathetic, assertive, risk taking, traditional, competitive, curious, or have a need for order.

Hearts: Negotiator, Geometric Shapes: Director, Repetitive Squiggle: Builder, Abstract Form: Explorer

If you were the publisher and had to choose a title for this book based on the cover below, what would it be?

A. Adventures on the Rhine
B. Anatomy of Friendship
C. Power Plays
D. Things Left Unsaid

Explanation: The title you select reflects if you seek intimate connections, build stable long-term ties, are logical and analytical or a thrill seeker. A. Explorer; B. Builder; C. Director; and D. Negotiator.

How does the length of the index finger on your right hand compare to your other fingers? Which hand in this photo most resembles your right hand?

Explanation: Testosterone builds the length of the ring finger in the womb. The longer your ring finger in relation to your pointing finger, the more likely you are to have mathematical, mechanical and/or musical skills.

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