Teen Relationship Turns Abusive ... and Worse

Bateman said Michael wasn't concerned.

"Mike's in the kitchen and he's like, 'Allred's here,' he wasn't concerned or scared," said Bateman. "He was kind of -- it was like half a chuckle, you know, Allred's here."

Allred banged on the front door. Then he went around back. He had a .45-caliber handgun. The first shot shattered a sliding glass door. He saw Ruschak, and before Michael could even speak, he fired at him.

"Mike was about to say something and [Allred] pulled the gun and shot him and, right in the stomach," Roberts, a friend at the scene, said. Roberts said he tried to grab Allred from behind to stop him from shooting, but Allred shot him in the leg and got loose.

Ruschak would die from his wound.

Tiffany had locked herself in a bathroom. Allred broke down the door and shot her several times, killing her.

Allred is now on Florida's death row.

Teen Dating Violence: Warning Signs

Dating violence affects teens and young adults all over the country. Abusive relationships commonly follow identifiable patterns.

"If you have a daughter, for example, who cries a lot, if she's begging and pleading and apologizing for things she's never done -- that's an abusive relationship," said dating violence expert Jill Murray. "If throwing things out the window doesn't feel like loving behavior, if isolating you from your friends doesn't feel like loving behavior, then it's not."

Teens and young adults should know where to go when they feel they're in a potentially dangerous relationship.

Today, the Barwicks and the Ruschaks have been working tirelessly to help prevent others from brutal dating violence.

They've worked with the Florida Legislature to help create and pass the Barwick-Ruschak Act. This act places dating abuse on par with marital domestic abuse. It intends to save young adults who may be in situations similar to Tiffany's.

Both families believe these tragic events might have been prevented if an officer had spoken with Allred.

"If somebody had put their foot down to him," Murray said, "somebody with authority and said, 'You know what, kid, we're gonna have to haul you in if you keep on doing this,' or if they had taken him in for the night and really scared him, I think this could have been prevented."

CLICK HERE for warning signs of emotional and physical abuse and ways for teens to avoid abusive behavior in relationships.

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