Amanda Knox Reconvicted: How Did This Happen?

Act 1: As the world reacts to Knox's guilty verdict, ABC's Elizabeth Vargas talks to the Knox family attorney.
3:00 | 02/01/14

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Transcript for Amanda Knox Reconvicted: How Did This Happen?
Good evening, guilty again. That's the stunning reversal from an Italian judge who said just today he suffered over the latest Amanda Knox verdict. As you know, it's a verdict that keeps changing in the eerie who don it which is called Italy's trial of the century. I covered this case for six years as Amanda Knox spent 1400 nights in prison. Now she says to ABC news, she'll have to be taken back kicking and screaming. For Amanda Knox - it is a disastrous deja Vu. An Italian court finding her guilty -- again -- of the 2007 murder of her british roommate Meredith Kercher. And sentencing her to 28 and half years in an Italian prison. The 26 year old received the bombshell verdict, not in Italy, but with her family in Seattle. She told "Good morning America's" robin Roberts of her astonishment. My first reaction was, no, this is wrong. This really has hit me like a train. I did not expect this to happen. I really expected so much better from the Italian justice system. This is not Knox's first unpleasant encounter with the Italian justice system. In her first trial in 2009 a court found her and her boyfriend Raffaele sollecito guilty in Kercher's murder. Knox and Kercher had been studying abroad in the Italian town of perugia. Kercher -- sexually assaulted, her throat slit -- was found in a pool of blood in their shared house. The sensational case brought the young Seattle student international infamy. The tabloids using Amanda's soccer team nickname, "Foxy knoxy," to support the prosecution's portrayal of her as a sex-crazed psychopath. Who engaged in satanic rituals. Knox spent 4 years in prison. Both defendants have been acquitted. But that first verdict was overturned in 2011. She thought it was over -- she thought wrong. In the Italian system, they can retry the facts in the E court. And that's what happened here. With Amanda free and back in Seattle, the prosecution tried her again presenting the same case, but getting a much different result. Which made this week's "Reconviction" all the harder for her to comprehend. They found me innocent before, how can they say it's guilt beyond a reasonable doubt. This is a horrific, monumental miscarriage of justice of historic proportions. Ed to Simon represents Amanda Knox. If there wasn't any new evidence how did this jury, panel of judges come up with a logical verdict? To a logical mindincomprehensible. There's no new evidence. No conclusive physical evidence has ever been found linking Amanda Knox to the crime scene. No fiber, no footprint, no hand print. Just DNA sweat of where Meredith Kercher was. She could not have been in the room and could not have participated in this murder. That's enough to say, end this tragedy. What confounds the knoxes is the fact that there was always a DNA of the man who was all over the blood-splattered bedroom. A petty thief, Rudy guide. Her sentence was 12 years less than Amanda's raising questions whether or not the prosecution was overzealous. I really hope that people try to understand that when you have overzealous prosecutors and when you have a biased investigation. Things happen. I'm not crazy. Covering this story on two continents since 2007, I once tried to act the original prosecutor, julyan know menini. The biggest question, perhaps the biggest of the whole case. Why would Amanda ever want her roommate dead? After initial reluctance -- the prosecutor relented. At the beginning of this case you said it was part of some satanic ritual. He denied saying it was with satanic. Why do you want to prosecute Amanda Knox? Because they killed with no motive. The ap reports the judges will still present their theory of the crime, including the motive. Knox's legal team will then have 45 days to appeal. IFS Italy's highest court upholds this latest ruling, Amanda Knox is a convicted murder. They're going to say, we want her back on our soil. The U.S. Will have to make a difficult decision. Because in most cases where someone has been convicted of murder, the U.S. Would extradite them. However, Knox's legal team is likely to argue to U.S. Officials that a trial with no new evidence is double jeopardy which forbids a defendant from being tried again on the same charges after an acquittal. Can she be forced to return to Italy to P serve her prison sentence? The Italian authorities would have to ask for the extradition of Amanda Knox. There would be an evaluation of whether or not the U.S. Side should proceed. They may. They may not. It's not a slam dunk. Clearly not. A court then determined whether or not the United States constitution, the highest law of the land, was violated. Amanda Knox recently told the guardian newspaper that no matter what the verdict was, she would not return to Italy. I'm definitely not going back willingly. They have to catch me, pull me back, kicking and screaming into a prison I don't deserve to be in. In Italy the options are more limited for Amanda's ex-boyfriend Raffaele sollecito has serving 25 years in jail for the murder. My initial thought after the murder was, oh, my god, Raffaele. I don't know what they'd do if it if he's imprisoned. He denied he was trying to flee the country. Saying he was on a trip to visit a friend. As for the family of Meredith Kercher, another verdict, another press conference but no final resolution. Nothing will ever bring Meredith back or take away the horror of what happened to her. The best we can hope for is of course finally bringing this whole case a conclusion. You know, a conviction and everybody can move on with their lives. I just want them to know that I really understand that this is incredibly difficult. When the case has been messed up so much, like a verdict is no they deserve respect and the consolation of some kind of acknowledgement and that's being lost and, and it's, I really wish them the best. I can only testify to what happened to me and hope that people believe me, but I think the answers are out there and I really, really ask that people try to look for those. After what you've heard, do you think Amanda Knox will be sent back to Italy? If you were her, what would you do if the government decided to force you back? We're on Twitter tonight so let us know, tweet me using the hashtag abc2020. We'll be back.

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{"id":22332184,"title":"Amanda Knox Reconvicted: How Did This Happen?","duration":"3:00","description":"Act 1: As the world reacts to Knox's guilty verdict, ABC's Elizabeth Vargas talks to the Knox family attorney.","url":"/2020/video/amanda-knox-reconvicted-happen-22332184","section":"2020","mediaType":"default"}