High School Specializes in Bullies

Upstate N.Y. school addresses kids' anger head-on, and says almost all students end up graduating.
3:17 | 02/07/13

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Transcript for High School Specializes in Bullies
Schools all over the country have kids like this who are out of control. Few if any have as many as this place. The Madison Oneida -- school in Verona New York a last chance school with a 143 students in grades eight to twelve. Many of them bullies were kicked out of their district schools and like Chris stand and bounced from eight schools almost one for every grade he's completed -- process he is seventeen. And in the tenth green. How are you -- bully. Pay us more people pick somebody who does and the ability profound -- -- yeah. He listened to what goes through a -- his mind when picking a victim would you pick on someone who was bigger than you find -- has -- that I would I'd take. Now what could be a weakness something new about his family when you're -- -- dies -- passes away that's one weakness this shot. Like Chris thirteen year old Melissa carpenter -- bullied kids and teachers with her words and fist since the third grade. A freak out she says bullying is almost a skill how do you bully somebody what you do pick on them called them names come on fat and ugly just. Like the weirdest things off -- interests. Are. It's no coincidence that you -- picked on somebody my size for an. This crucible of problem kids as -- Schools can found a way to control -- we can't break through that baggage you get to know the kids. So we're not gonna get anywhere with them they're real -- not playing on other schools -- you've been in with teachers ignore -- yet. Teaches some teaches mean we think it's it's funny. But not here this school takes bullying head on and figures out why each kid is angry. When I was -- I was bullied and I was small as little kid when I grew up and I got better I thought you know widely -- dime from me to -- -- down. Emissions sort of bad person -- taken on wanted to mean to take my some money. -- -- mom was struck by a van and killed. I was like why did she just get up -- -- -- -- -- be here with me. Not at the time I just kept it and just -- -- my anger out and everybody else. Physical abuse so false to you a school like this for -- teaching kids as much if you're teaching them. Directions regular teaching -- how to deal and anger right. When teachers go to college and learn how to teach. But it. Here we train staff in crisis prevention intervention to. And I talked and you know I was like a son and should surely want to apologize for and or interference and that I wanna actually help you out. About fighting. Being violent it's just. Voting common graduating and doing much like your life you can see a breakthrough with the can't make it to different behavior we -- -- them wanting to be here. Wanting to be engaged one to be a leader wanting to graduate from high school. And we see proof of the possible nearly 100%. Of these cast offs wind up graduating. From Verona New York. Time Chris Cuomo.

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{"id":18432221,"title":"High School Specializes in Bullies","duration":"3:17","description":"Upstate N.Y. school addresses kids' anger head-on, and says almost all students end up graduating.","url":"/2020/video/high-school-specializes-bullies-18432221","section":"2020","mediaType":"default"}