Sharon Tate's last night with Abigail Folger, Wojciech Frykowski, Jay Sebring: Part 5

The four friends went to a restaurant to get food before returning to Tate's home in Benedict Canyon, California.
4:44 | 03/18/17

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Transcript for Sharon Tate's last night with Abigail Folger, Wojciech Frykowski, Jay Sebring: Part 5
over the years. It had been photographed for an architectural glossy. It was a French farmhouse. The grounds were beautiful. It was serene. The views were amazing, 'cause it was off of Benedict canyon. You'll never find another view like that. It was amazing. You could see all the way to Catalina. It was the most safe and secure and secluded and peaceful environment she could possibly think of to start her family. I met Sharon, they came up to look at the property she was magical. She was a lovely lady. For Sharon, you know, for so many years it had been all about her acting career. But the moment she found out she was pregnant, her acting career just didn't matter to her at all. Everything that mattered was what, for the baby. As we approach August 1969, Polanski is in London prepping a movie that Mike Nichols would go on to direct called "The day of the dolphin." Sharon Tate and her friends were at the house she had rented. She was massively pregnant. She was about to deliver her baby. And her husband was out of the country, so they had come to keep her company and make sure she was okay. She was there with her friends Abigail Folger and Voytek frykowski. And her onetime boyfriend and now friend -- Jay Sebring. Hi, my name is Jay Sebring and I'm 35 years old. He was a sharp charismatic person. Please stand up. He was the creator of men's hair. He wasn't a barber. He was styling men's hair. He single-handedly defined the iconic look of nearly every male recording and film star. They wouldn't work without him. Sammy Davis, Jim Morrison, Steve Mcqueen, Paul Newman, Warren beatty, Frank Sinatra, Henry fonda is in once a week while making a picture. He was defining culture. This is like an evolution from a barber, do you understand? Like the guy with the little pole in front, all of a sudden it was like on the cover of time. Sharon came back into my salon and brought a new client she wanted me to do, and her name was Abigail, Abigail Folger. Folger's coffee? Yeah. The last name, of course, is familiar, because she was an heir to the folgers coffee fortune. But she herself was working as a social worker. Abigail was a little bit of a recluse. She always had her nose buried in a book. She wasn't open and generous in conversation as Sharon. A bit more reserved. Wojciech was her boyfriend. Wojciech frykowski was a childhood friend of Roman Polanski. They go out at one point that evening to a restaurant to get some food, 'cause she doesn't feel like cooking. They're all there at that house. They went where everyone in Los Angeles has eaten, to el coyote. We know that they are back in the house by 10:00, 'cause Abigail Folger's mother calls and talks to Abigail at that time. It's simply going to be a quiet, comfortable night. And of course, iturned out not to be. Because that's the night Charles Manson has disbatched his followers to go inside the house and kill inside anyone, whoever they are. Tex Watson will become a key figure as the events of August of 1969 take place. Watson is there at every key moment. These murders are unimaginable without Watson leading the way. Charles Manson did what many cult leaders have done, he's toricily. Taking someone in to something very bad historically, taking someone in to something very bad, but by baby steps -- never allowing them to see where it was that he was really taking them in the end, which was murder. There is a late night visitor. He is the most unlucky man in the history of Los Angeles. He is a young boy. Who is selling a clock radio. And his are the first headlights that come up that driveway. And it's when he leaves that the nightmare begins. And his death will set off the most famous murder in the history of Los Angeles. ???

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{"id":46214477,"title":"Sharon Tate's last night with Abigail Folger, Wojciech Frykowski, Jay Sebring: Part 5","duration":"4:44","description":"The four friends went to a restaurant to get food before returning to Tate's home in Benedict Canyon, California.","url":"/2020/video/sharon-tates-night-abigail-folger-wojciech-frykowski-jay-46214477","section":"2020","mediaType":"default"}