Bizarre Murder Plot Against Joss Stone Finally Put To Rest

PHOTO: British singer Joss Stone.JossStone/Facebook
British singer Joss Stone.

A 2011 murder plot involving two British men who conspired to behead English singer Joss Stone with a samuri sword (WHAT?!) resurfaced today when the UK media reported that both men had been convicted of conspiracy to rob and murder the soul singer.

The two men, Junior Bradshaw and Kevin Liverpool, were reportedly driven to commit their crime due to Stone's connection to the British Royal Family. However, according to Bradshaw, he "had never heard of" Joss Stone before the case and apparently didn't have any recollection of whose idea it was to drive from Manchester to Stone's home in Devon.

In June of 2011, Bradshaw and Liverpool were arrested after police were called about a suspicious-looking vehicle in Devon, where Stone has a country home. In the vehicle, police found swords, a section of hosepipe, a hammer, and a holdall containing a spike, black bags, and tape. Notes found in the defendants' possession showed they intended to decapitate the pop star before dumping her body in a river. The men were charged with conspiracy to commit murder, conspiracy to commit robbery, and conspiracy to commit grievous bodily harm

And with that, Stone has joined the surprisingly long list of celebs who have survived murder plots.

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But that wasn't the end of it.

In April of 2012, Bradshaw was moved to a psych ward for evaluation, and a year later -- March 26, 2013 -- he pleaded not guilty. He claimed he is schizophrenic and believes he and his partner were just "going on a day out" that day in June. What's even more strange is that a detective testified the week before that they found a diary at Liverpool's house detailing just how the two would rob and injure Stone.

Bradshaw's confusion with the whole thing makes it hard to take the allegedly sword-wielding, suspicious vehicle-having, would-be murderer seriously. Apparently he doesn't even recall being in jail for more than two months (he's been in there for over a year) and insists he has "never heard of Joss Stone" before the case.

That brings us to today: Both men were convicted this morning, with Liverpool receiving a life sentence with a minimum term of 10 years. Meanwhile, Bradshaw's sentencing was adjourned due to his mental state.