Kristen Stewart Says She's Grown Up During Breaking Dawn Part 2 Press Conference

Lautner spoke about the fine line between being sweet and caring toward Renesmee and coming across as creepy: "It's a fine line. I was worried about it. We were very fortunate to have Stephenie Meyer on set for these last two movies, and I had quite a bit of conversations with her, there's really no one better to ask about it than her. She said it's simple, it's a lifelong bond between two people, and that's it. She's only 10 at this point, so it's more of a protective, brother-sister thing. I couldn't allow myself to think ahead and go beyond that."

"Weirdest fan encounter," Lautner shared, "was when I signed an autograph in this fan's arm, and the next day she went and got a tattoo of it."

"Meeting Kristen for the first time was awkward because I was nervous, I was the new guy on set, I was also the youngest," Lautner said.

"It's always uncomfortable when I have to take my shirt off for something, cause I'm always the only one doing it," Lautner joked of all his memorable shirtless scenes in the Twilight movies.

"I love the fact that we had different directors for each Twilight movie except for these last two. It's kind of an actor's dream, that and to play the same character for so long. Normally after three months you're done playing a character and then you watch the movie and wish you could've done some things differently."

"That's the biggest thing I'll take from this, is those relationships," Lautner said of the bond he's formed with Kristen Stewart and Rob Pattinson. "We're so close right now, they're some of my best friends and that won't going away at all. Our friendships will go on forever. I find it so amazing that this cast meshed so well."

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