Oscar-Nominated Director Lee Daniels Has a Lot to Say About Working With Mariah Carey

Did you know that Mariah tweeted from the set of The Butler?

Wait a minute, you will be the first one to tell me this because it's a big deal! I don't tweet or anything like that. I do Instagram because my boyfriend turned me on to it. Mariah said, "[Being here] it's a big deal so what do I tweet?" I said, "whatever you wanna tweet!" She was like, "Lee I don't wanna like freak you out or anything." I said "Mariah, I don't care what you say!" So now I'm about to hear from you what she said.

I'll read it to you, it says: "Just finished my first day on "The Butler", what an honor working with such a legendary, stellar ensemble. Thank you Lee Daniels."

Awwwww…I would have cast her as a stripper having sex with John Kennedy. I would've cast her as a bartender you know, as a white southern racist bartender. I would've cast her in anything you know what I mean because she is my buddy. But I can't tell you what she plays. Did she tell anyone what she plays? I'll kill her if she did. Kill her! I was going to hang up the phone and stop the interview right now.

I would've cast her in anything because she understands me. She is not a diva. But she is a diva, don't get me wrong. She is a complete psychotic diva in the best way the minute I yell "Cut!" when she is in the work. I don't have the words to describe the love I have for her. [Editor's Note: though Mariah didn't tweet a photo to go along with her aforementioned tweet, she did tweet a photo of her shoes in costume].

Is there a Latino actor or actress that you dream of working with?

Jennifer Lopez. If you watch all those movies that she has done you can see she is talented but I don't think anyone has really tapped into her. They did it close when she did that movie with her ex-husband, El Cantante.

And Édgar Ramírez. He was going to be in a movie of mine. He did that BBC mini series, Carlos. He is a brilliant actor. If you really want to know that's the one!

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