These 6 Little Dogs Are Fixing Big Problems Through Facebook

PHOTO: Lentil is saving the world and playing fetch. Multi-tasking.

To quote Don Draper, "I love puppies." Dogs are fantastic, marvelous creatures. They literally save lives. They offer comfort and respite. They love us, even if we don't deserve it. They make funny noises. They have warm bellies. THEY'RE THE BEST!*

*Source: This.

Dogs are also very busy saving the world. There are various VICCs (Very Important Celebrity Canines) on social media who are using their clout and influence to make the world a better place for other animals and their humans. Here are a few of the best.

PHOTO: Teddy

Teddy is a chubby little chihuahua who was rescued from a puppy mill by the National Dog Mill Resue. He now spends his time being a spokesdog against puppy mills, even helping to raise money for the cause through the sale of some pretty snazzy T-shirts.

PHOTO: Oscar

Oscar is an old-timer who was left at a shelter after having been neglected by his former owner. Braving tooth decay, mites, and multiple infections and having lost the use of his back legs, Oscar beat the odds to survive. Today, thanks to the efforts of the Pug Nation Rescue of Los Angeles, Oscar is doing well with a new family who adores him.

PHOTO: Harley

Harley is Teddy's brother, also fighting to educate pet lovers about the dangers of puppy mills. Missing an eye (this poor dude hadn't been properly cleaned and cared for earlier in life) hasn't held him back at all.

PHOTO: Maisie

Maisie is a tiny chihuahua who loves fashion and helping other dogs find their "forever homes."

PHOTO: Tiny Tim
Tiny Tim

Born with a cleft palate, open skull, and hiatal hernia, Tiny Tim is not able to undergo surgery due to complications. Nonetheless, the little guy is still able to play, eat, snooze, and snooze some more with help from his family, showing that while pets with special needs do require more care and cost, their lives can still be full, happy, and valuable.

PHOTO: Lentil

A self-described "Ambassadog for changing the way people view clefts in both animals and humans," Lentil hopes you check out French Bulldog Rescue to help other dogs in need.

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