Being Becky G: What I've Learned From Justin Bieber

PHOTO: Justin Bieber at the AMAs

I'm dedicating this post to the one and only, Justin Bieber. We have never formally met, but I remember when I opened for him with Cody Simpson at the Staples Center in Los Angeles, he was riding around in a Segway backstage. It would be an honor to meet him - I mean, he's Justin Bieber! The fact that he's aware of who I am is really, really cool. He tweeted out the link back in October of my remix to Ke$ha's "Die Young," saying, "She is a fan of mine and I'm now a fan of hers. bet she didn't see this coming."

I'm not sure how he came across it, but it made me so, so happy!

I've learned a lot from watching him do his thing and I'm applying it to my own career. When I look at his story, I see it as kind of a 'heads-up' in the sense that there are a few things that I'm going to have to go through, some might even be really hard, but it's all so worth it.

Work – Life Balance

I love that he started out really young like I did, and he's very hands-on with his projects, but he's also still a kid. He still has a group of friends, he's all about his mom and his family, but when it comes time to write or perform music, he's all about his career.


Dancing is going to be a big part of my show one day. I already have a vision of what my dancers will dress like and the kind of moves we'll do. With Justin, you can tell that he's incorporated a little bit of the Usher moves – and that makes sense because that's his mentor. One thing I always notice when he's onstage is that he always looks like he's having fun. He always has that Justin smile and the choreography doesn't look too rehearsed; he looks like he's really feeling the moves. When he first started putting those videos on YouTube he had some moves but he's definitely come farther along than I ever thought he would. And any girl will tell you that if a guy can dance – that's definitely a plus!


Watching the Never Say Never movie, I found it very relatable at times. I cried, too. One thing that stood out to me was when he got in trouble for screaming too much and hanging out with his friends and then he lost his voice. He had to go on vocal rest for three days and couldn't say a word. To have the discipline to do that is really hard. I respected that. I love talking – it's a problem – so I can't imagine what that must've been like!

Protecting Your Personal Life

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