In Puerto Rico, the political discourse is dictated by a female puppet called La Comay

The reaction came off like sour grapes, especially when so many on the island celebrated it as a rejection of politics as usual. But in a strange way, even though La Comay urged everyone to vote “yes,” the appearance of Acevedo Vilá, who came off as more believable, on Super Xclusivo may have ultimately influenced the voters more than her personal recommendation.

Just this week, however, the themes Super Xclusivo had been pushing came to a hysterical climax. Pablo Casellas was finally charged with murder, a firearms charge, a charge of destroying evidence and giving false information to the police. La Comay came on almost beside herself, insisting that the show’s reporters had not only beaten everyone else to the story, but was still delivering the most cutting-edge coverage.

This time Jessica Serrano led a shaky-cam charge towards Casellas, dressed in a navy blue suit, as he walked from the Bayamón court house parking area to the main entrance, harassing him with questions as the Jaws soundtrack played in the background. She goaded him with questions about his daughters and how he hid the body, but there was of course no reaction.

Then La Comay jockeyed with Travieso about how he’d heard that the police superintendent had been left out of the arrest process by Attorney General Somoza, as footage rolled of a police lieutenant violently pushing away the paparazzi came to read Casellas his Miranda rights. It was a suffocating spectacle that brought up more questions about possible political motivations.

As La Comay ranted on about how Casellas’s father had already paid the $4 million bail in cash, she taunted those who voted against the amendment to deny the absolute right to bail. “The man is a flight risk,” insisted Travieso, despite the fact that he was required to surrender his passport.

Just as La Comay is prone to speculate about how the fix was in about the suddenly suspicious ability of Judge Casellas to come up with the bail, she was leading her audience to speculate about something else. Why was it that, a few weeks after an embarrassing loss at the polls, the Fortuño administration had suddenly prioritized the cases La Comay had been railing on about for months? How convenient was it that they were able to provide an example of a high-profile murder case that involved a controversial bail scenario, even if letting Casellas rot in jail would have little effect on the explosive crime problem on the island?

¡Que bochinche!

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