Tego Calderon Weighs in on Puerto Rican Statehood

I will always accept a compliment. But everyone has their own lane; we're all individuals, know what I mean? The respect that my community and peers show me is something that really moves me, because they see that I'm still there. Life has allowed me to do what I do, and it's a very special thing, so I have a debt to continue to work at it and pay attention at what's happening around me.

What is your stance on the Puerto Rico statehood issue?

I've always had my point of view and it's that we should be independent, we should not be a state and we should not continue to be a colony, either. I think it's the best thing for my country, after so much abuse.

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Where does your saying "El que sabe, sabe" (he who knows, knows) come from?

That's something I picked up on the street. Those sayings, which your grandparents teach you, those are like the Bible to me, because they're all about wisdom. Even if in different countries they're phrased differently, they still teach you the same things.

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