Let's Worry About Jaden Smith and Sophia Grace

And this is a reality that's often forgotten when people worry over the fate of young performers. While their emotional and mental well-being should be taken into account, it's worth remembering that this well-being is in no small part tied to these young people's collective ability to be at the top of their game and to grow and learn and adapt as artists and performers.

Some people are able to do this at a young age, but it's clear that both Sophia Grace and Jaden have been set on a path towards fame, and not necessarily artistry. That's a fine choice to make, but only if you have the maturity and self-posession enough to understand and deal with it. With so many external forces, personalities, and agendas paving their paths for them, it's not too clear whether Sophia Grace and Jaden have been allowed the space to cultivate this self-awareness.

We'll see, I guess. We'll see it all over the place. In HD. And sponsored by sneaker brands.

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