Attack of the Millennial Networks

Network name: HuffPost Live

Primary Platforms: Online and television through set top boxes. Radio soon.

Launch: Currently streaming live content online.

Target audience: When asked Huff Post Live President Roy Sekoff says he’s a “believer in doing best programming possible and letting the audience find it.” However on screen talent on the network skews young.

Programming: Currently produces 12-hours of original content daily on weekdays that’s delivered in segments and tied to the news cycle. HuffPost features a rotating team of host/producers, including: Marc Lamont Hill, Abby Huntsman, Alyona Minkovski, Nancy Redd, Mike Sacks, and Ahmed Shihab-Eldin.

Vice Video

Primary Platforms: Online, partnerships with TV networks, YouTube (earlier this year their YoutTube Channel reached two million subscribers.) Launch: In 2007 MTV helped form, Vice media's online television network. Since then Vice continues to publish original content online and has inked partnerships with CNN and HBO.

Programming: Subject matter includes humanitarian issues, music, insider travel guides, and news. "We do music, we do books, we do magazines, we do online, we do mobile, we do television, we do film. We do what everyone else does. We do it weirder, and we do it younger, and we do it in a different way and in a different voice," Vice's CEO and co-founder, Shane Smith, told NPR earlier this year.


Telemundo’s channel with programming aimed towards a young Latino audience.

Since it first came into being in 1993 as GEMS television before being acquired by Telemundo in 2001, mun2 has catered to a Latino audience in the U.S. Since 2001, this meant airing sports, music, and reality programming in English, Spanish, and in “Spanglish” in an effort to reach out to a younger, acculturated audience. One of the network’s most popular and influential personalities was the late Mexican-American powerhouse Jenni Rivera, whose reality series “I Love Jenni” (and its various related shows, all executive produced by Rivera) proved a hit for the channel. Even after her death, Jenni’s shows are still heavily promoted by mun2, alongside shows like “Alerta Zero,” which follows former members of a Regional Mexican group as they form a new band, “Fugitivos De La Ley: Los Angeles,” which focuses on bounty hunters in LA.

TR3S: The Latino MTV Network

MTV has experimented with a Spanish-language station since 1998, ultimately settling on MTV Tr3s in 2006, now known simply as “tr3s.” Emphasizing mostly on music programming and reality shows, Tr3s features content in both Spanish and English, not all of which deal explicitly with Latino-oriented content and personalities. For example, the network airs reruns of “The George Lopez Show” as well as “Teen Mom” and shows like “El Luchador.” The network's “Unplugged” series has also served it well, offering its audience intimate televised concerts with stars who hold crossover appeal -- like Juanes, Zoe, and Julieta Venegas -- as well as the likes of Katy Perry, Adam Lambert, Trey Songz, and others.

Latinos Have Already Changed TV

Young Latinos are not only leading the most important demographic changes in the country today but they’re also heavily influencing the pop-culture landscape and media companies alike. Take for instance, one of the most successful TV shows on air at the moment: NBC’s “The Voice” hired Shakira as a judge and included more contestants who were singing in Spanish.

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