Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel Talks Immigration and Guns

4. Right. But what for you has changed over the past couple of years that you have now been more vocally supportive of these immigration issues?

Nothing has changed. I have always stayed consistent about the need for comprehensive immigration reform and if you look at the history of our city, we're the most American of American cities. And as I go through all the neighborhoods, Jefferson Park, Rogers Park, Humboldt Park, it's the story of generation after generation of people who have come here so their children could accomplish something they could not do themselves. And that's why I believe in it, it rejuvenates who we are and is consistent with who we are as a city.

5. I wanted to ask you about another issue that affects immigrant and minority communities in your city, which is the kind of gun violence that we saw over the weekend. Do you think possible new gun-control laws could make your city safer?

I'm for criminal-background checks and making it comprehensive. Making the Brady Bill more expansive and mandating a five-day waiting period for whenever a gun purchase is done so we can keep the guns out of the hands of criminals.

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