An ICE Home Raid Explainer

Separation from arrested parents caused emotional trauma in some children, especially because it happened suddenly and unexpectedly. The trauma of separation was greater when it continued for an extended period of time. Community-wide fear and social isolation accentuated the psychological impact on children.

What do raids accomplish?

ICE maintains that public safety is its primary concern. It focuses on serious criminals, those with recent immigration violations, repeat offenders and immigration fugitives, and those with outstanding deportation orders.

In 2012, Fugitive Operations made more than 37,000 arrests that contributed to an agency-wide total of 409,000 deportations. The number of fugitive cases dropped by 10,616 to 469,157 in total.

Critics, however, see the mounting deportations as a way for the agency to meet alleged removal quotas, and question the financial and emotional toll that comes with tracking down and removing undocumented immigrants.

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