Latam News: Mexico is Becoming Less Dangerous and Other Top Stories

Mexico Name Change Proposal Unleashes Endless Jokes

Last week Mexican President Felipe Calderon proposed changing his country´s official name from The United States of Mexico, to simply Mexico. The proposal would simplify government business, but it it is difficult to implment. It has also unleashed a series of jokes in Twitter and other socila media sites, with web users coming up with their own alternative names for the country, as the Voice of America reports. Criticism showered on Calderon in the media as well. "A President who could not change the country for good, is saying at the end of his term, well, If I can´t change reality, at least let´s change the country´s name," political anlayst Lorenzo Meyer said on the radio show MVS noticias.

Asian Fungus Threatens Latin American Banana Industry

The Tropical Race Four fungus has devastated Asia's banana plantations and experts now fear that it can reach Latin American shores. There is no cure yet for this plague that attacks and kills banana trees at incredible speed and has devastated millions of acres of bananas in Asia. According to scientists, it is only a matter of time until travelers bring the fungus across the Pacific. Banana companies in Latin America, depend largely on just one variety of the fruit, making the whole supply chain incredibly vulnerable to plagues such as Race Four. U.S. supermarkets overwhelmingly depend on bananas from the Western Hemisphere.

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