YoSoy 132 Student Activists in Mexico Fear for Their Safety

As far as YoSoy132 is concerned, the harm is partly done. Although they recognize that most of the movement supporters were demoralized by Enrique Peña Nieto's victory in the July 1st election, and simply did not see the point in continuing to protest, both Valeria Hamel and José Carlos Moreno claim that the fear of repression also contributed to decreasing participation in the movement.

"Of course there has been a natural moral crisis after the elections and many people left at that time," Moreno said. "But I personally knew of people who preferred to let go of their commitment to YoSoy132 because they feared the personal consequences that their political involvement could entail."

Torn between modern ways of democratic expression and the traditional repression of critical voices, Mexico seems to be at a turning point. One of the tasks of the new government will certainly be to demonstrate that the return to power of the PRI, the party that ruled Mexico from the 1930s to the year 2000, does not necessarily mean going back to the old authoritarian habits of a regime that came to be known as the "perfect dictatorship."

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