Michelle Obama Takes Down Heckler With Classic Stand-Up Chops

Michelle Obama shows you how to handle a heckler like a boss.PlayElise Roedenbeck/Fusion
WATCH Michelle Obama Shows You How To Handle a Heckler Like a Boss

As a stand-up comedian, I'm no stranger to hecklers. Oh sure, they think they're so smart and witty until you bring out the switch blade. However, they're just part of the territory. Though every situation is different, comics do have a few tricks up their sleeves when it comes to hecklers.

Recently, Michelle Obama was also heckled-- not because her jokes are hack, but because she can't make everyone happy all the time. I would offer the First Lady some advice on handling hecklers; however, she doesn't need it. Her approach to hecklers is light years ahead of any open mic newbie on the comedy scene—dare I say, pro.

So, maybe I can convince Mrs. Obama to begin her career as a stand-up comedian. Surely, the First Lady's life is riddled with comedy gold (Joe Biden walks into a bar…) and we could use some more awesome women in the comedy scene. But ultimately, I guess the FLOTUS doesn't need to be funny since SHE RULES THE FREE WORLD.