Mitt Romney's Tan Draws Media Fire, Makeup Artist Responds

"Mitt Romney is worried about the 23 million people out of a job and an unemployment rate that has been above 8% for more than 42 consecutive months," she said in a statement to Univision. "The media, on the other hand, is interested in make-up jobs and not how long it's been since the President has met with his Jobs Council."

"It's time to focus on the real issues," she added.

The insinuations that the candidate had previously spray tanned or that the makeup hue was to blame are both incorrect, Rodriguez, the makeup artist, said.

"What they [bloggers and commenters] have done is all a bit sad to me," Rodriguez said, noting that the GOP candidate was very amicable in person.

"I also don't want this to jeopardize a career I've worked so hard to build in this field," he said. "He was tan from being out in the sun on the campaign trail -- that's the only possible explanation."

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