How Do You Mobilize Latino Voters in Swing States? Try Irony

It is important to note that even though social media is finally being integrated into wider marketing and messaging campaigns, Cuéntame – conceived and created for social media – was a pioneer of engagement and storytelling through digital platforms.

The social media landscape has also evolved. Voters can no longer understand an election simply as a "YouTube election," says Caballero, where YouTube is the default and performance is measured in views. Platforms represent "wildly different" audiences.

"It's about the audience and where they are at," said Caballero.

He measures effectiveness not by how many views or hits pieces of content get, but rather by how content is used. For example, take a video that explains how to use a voter guide: "We don't expect that video to suddenly do millions of views. But for that particular particular person who grabbed the voter guide and saw the video, it mattered."

Similarly, in swing states, Cuéntame has focused its energy to create relevant media that mobilizes Latino voters specific to where they are and what matters locally.

It's about "telling the story and getting that particular person counted," he said.

Through high-production video and visually focused digital media, Cuéntame is an increasingly strong voice on Latino issues.

"As long as you have the right message at the right time to right audience, people will engage," said Caballero.

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