Muslim Fraternity Confronts Negative Stereotypes

Regarding the Tumblr post's allegation that the fraternity is anti-gay, Mahmoud said, "the fraternity denies any claims of being homophobic," and that any homophobic behavior was "against the religion."

But Islam does denounce any sexual relationship not between a married man and woman. And, as the fraternity grows and expands, it's going to have to, to borrow a phrase from Mahmoud, play more offense. They will likely be pressed on their views of homosexuality and what their fraternity does and does not accept.


Well, as a group that has already thrust themselves into the limelight to counter negative Muslim stereotypes, people will be watching.

It's worth noting that the fraternity did do something special in sharing their opposition to violence against women. They pushed back on negative stereotypes about Muslim men in what is often viewed as a male-dominate religion. And, when it comes to fraternities, they are tackling an issue most of these male-centric groups often avoid.

But they're still grappling with how to communicate where they stand on other issues like homosexuality, and they are doing it with an audience.

"We're just starting," Mahmoud said, "and we're still trying to figure out what it means to be a Muslim fraternity."

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