Venezuela Releases U.S. Filmmaker Accused of Espionage

PHOTO: Timothy Tracy was arrested in Venezuela on Wednesday. The government is accusing him of contributing to post election violence, but Tracys family says he is innocent, and was only in Venezuela to shoot a documentary.

A U.S. filmmaker who was accused of espionage in Venezuela has been allowed to leave the South American county, with officials providing little information on why he was let go.

Tim Tracy, 35, had been imprisoned in Venezuela since April 24 on charges of inciting post-election violence in that country. But according to his lawyer, Daniel Rosales, Tracy´s case was dismissed because officials "did not find enough evidence against him."

Rosales told Venezuelan TV station Globovision that Tracy was flown back to Miami early on Tuesday on an American Airlines flight. He said he still did not have the full details on why officials decided to release his client, but added that Tracy received "proper" treatment while in prison.

Throughout his month-long captivity, Tracy´s family and friends vehemently denied that he was a spy and organized an online petition to ask for his release.

Venezuelan officials, including the country's Interior Minister, described Tracy as a "spy" and accused him of attempting to destabilize the country by providing cash to radical opposition groups on behalf of the United States.

In 2012 and 2013, Tracy spent several months in Venezuela shooting a documentary about that country's tense political situation.

His release comes just hours before U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry and Venezuela´s Foreign Minister are slated to meet in Guatemala on the sidelines of an international summit.

In the meeting, which is expected to be brief, officials from both countries will have an informal discussion on U.S.-Venezuela relations.

Venezuela's state-run oil company supplies steady shipments of oil to U.S. refineries. But President Nicolas Maduro and his government have not been formally recognized by the U.S. Maduro is fighting accusations that he stole the April 14 presidential election and is therefore a fraudulent president.

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