NYRican in LA: No Longer Oversmelling Your Vecinos

The other day during a moment of high stress in Casa MonteMala (what we have dubbed our hilltop casita), my pareja got into his car and drove to the local chain pharmacy. I'm used to seeking escape on a toilet seat behind a locked bathroom door but now I feel like I have more options - the backyard, the veranda out front, the front bedroom that is used 60 percent of the time. When it comes to concepts of personal space, it's all relative and has some basis in geography. And like everything else in this new life of mine in Los Angeles, all about compromise.

Follow Maegan "Mamita Mala" Ortiz as she chronicles her adventures as a Nuyorican in LA, including surviving Sandy from far away, her musings on different Spanglish accents and slang, her quest for the best schools for her daughters, how she gets around without a car, and the story of how the self-proclaimed original "Twitterputa" fell in love and ended up here in the first place.

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