Opinion: Immigration System Won't Be Solved By Militarizing the Border

There's also the matter of who profits from the surge. As troops come back from Afghanistan and budget cuts hit defense spending, companies like Raytheon, Lockheed Martin, and Northrop Grumman, among others, are turning their attention towards the Mexican border.

The New York Times reported recently that half a dozen major military contractors are already preparing for an unusual showdown to secure DHS contracts.

More security means more immigrants detained in private prisons and more profits for industry giants like Corrections Corporations of America, Management and Training Corporation and the GEO group, who recently ramped up its lobbying for immigration reform, according to this recent article published in The Nation.

Life at the border is complex. Communities keep important ties to countries on both sides, creating a unique set of opportunities, but also, a unique set of challenges.

Immigration policies must be formulated and implemented in a way that respects the rights of these community members and the needs of their hometowns and cities.

Militarizing the border is something enemies would do, not friends and partners. Immigration is an economic issue and it won't be solved by having more armed guards at the front door.

Are we protecting our citizens or holding them hostage? It's getting harder to tell the difference.

Enrique Acevedo is the co-anchor of Univision News late night newscast. Follow him on Twitter at @Enrique_Acevedo

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