Activist Groups Call Foul On Election Practices in Arizona


The problem, however, is that voter fraud is so rare it's almost nonexistent. And a number of the voter registrations that True the Vote pegged as invalid were, in fact, valid. It's gotten to the point that the House Committee on Oversight and Government has sent at least two letters to the founder, Catherine Engelbrecht, noting as much.

"Unfortunately, True the Vote, its volunteers, and its affiliated groups have a horrendous record of filing inaccurate voter registration challenges, causing legitimate voters -- through no fault of their own -- to receive letters from local election officials notifying them that their registrations have been challenged and requiring them to take steps to remedy false accusations against them," reads one letter.

True the Vote did not respond to a request for comment.

Purcell said in her statement that her office will be launching a "very aggressive" Spanish publicity campaign to make sure voters know the election is on Tuesday, November 6.

U.S. Attorney for Arizona John S. Leonardo has said voters will be able to call a hotline to report allegations of fraud and voter intimidation.

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