Controversial Billboards Urge Spanish-Speakers To Show ID


A Romney campaign poll watcher training in Wisconsin that drew fire from left-leaning Think Progress has elicited a response from an election official.

Reid Magney, a spokesman for Wisconsin's Accountability Board, told the Washington Post that some of the Romney campaign's claims are untrue. For example, the training indicates that convicted felons are ineligible to vote. Magney pointed out that those who are out of prison and have completed probation are in fact eligible to cast ballots. The Obama campaign sent a letter to Wisconsin Attorney General J. B. Van Hollen requesting an investigation into the trainings.

With the election just days away, Wisconsin is increasingly looking like a competitive state while Pennsylvania leans Obama, although far less decisively than it did just weeks ago. That means those who do cast ballots in each state have a chance to influence the outcome of the presidential election.

Cynthia Martinez and Santiago Wills contributed to this report.

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