3 Numbers Napolitano Needs on Immigration

The system, called the Border Condition Index (BCI), is still happening, a spokesperson for U.S Customs and Border Protection (CBP) told ABC/Univision earlier this week. "An initial version of the BCI has been completed and final consolidations and modifications are currently being made, based on comments from external reviewers," Branch Chief Jenny Burke said in a statement.

3. Who Is Being Deported

During the hearing, Napolitano mentioned that 55 percent of all removals were of criminal immigrants. But how serious those crimes are is unclear.

While the DHS Office of Immigration Statistics releases a yearly snapshot of its immigration enforcement efforts (the most recent is 2011), it doesn't break down criminal deportations by charge. We know that 23 percent of removals in the 2011 fiscal year were for "dangerous drugs," another 23 percent for "criminal traffic violations" and 20 percent are for immigration charges.

That makes up 66 percent of criminal removals -- yet it's impossible to tell how many cases were for less serious crimes, like small-scale marijuana possession or a misdemeanor traffic violation. In addition, an immigration reform bill could bring broad changes to our current immigration system. If reform passes, someone who was considered a criminal under current immigration policy might then be eligible for legal status, depending on the provisions in the bill.

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