Jimmy Fallon, I Love You, But Please Stop Calling Immigrants "Illegal"

In recent years, many journalists, linguists, politicians,and activists have stood up against the term, vowing to ensure that their own outlets stop using it.

Last year, we wrote about how major news outlets, including CNN, NBC News (the same station which airs Fallon's show), ABC, Univision, Fox News Latino, and the Huffington Post, among others, have vowed to drop the term due to its demeaning undertones. We have also written about how many of the newsrooms that still use the term (like the Associated Press and the New York Times) lack Hi ic leadership and/or newsroom diversity. We've too have written about how most of the nation's top college newspapers have banned the term 'illegal immigrant' from their pages.

Still, the word has persisted in the realm of comedy, especially on Fallon's show. It's hard for me to imagine that if half of Caucasian Americans were offended by the phrase that it would still be used casually by mainstream media outlets and comedians on popular late night talk shows.

So, Jimmy Fallon, I love you, but please -- drop the term?

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