Op-Ed: Mitt Romney Shares His "Vision for America"

I will work day and night to ensure that Hispanic children have access to a great education, affordable college, and a good paying job after graduation. I will reform Medicare and Social Security so that it doesn't fail this or future generations. l will grant you control of your healthcare decisions, not a bunch of bureaucrats in Washington. And I will achieve what President Obama promised you but did not even try to deliver -- a bipartisan agreement on immigration reform.

We are one day away from a fresh start. One day away from the first day of a new beginning. If there is anyone worried the last four years are the best we can do, if there is anyone who fears that the American Dream is fading away, if there is anyone who wonders whether better jobs and better paychecks are things of the past, I have a clear and unequivocal message: with the right leadership, America will come roaring back.

Americans don't settle. We build, we aspire, we listen to that voice inside that says, "We can do better." A better job; a better life for our children; a bigger, better country.

The door to a brighter future is there, open, waiting for us. I need your vote, I need your help. Walk with me, walk together. Let us start anew.

Obama Op-Ed: "The America We Believe in Is Within Our Reach."

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