Republican Ted Poe Draws Ire of Immigration Hardliners

"Documentation does not mean citizenship and all of the rights that the term bestows. It means a type of legal status, either temporary or permanent, for some that are here, and it also means a pathway home for those who are here to commit crimes," he said.

"Those given legal status would contribute to the U.S., primarily by paying taxes, for the benefits that they enjoy by being in the U.S. Amnesty is not an option," Poe continued. "Those who receive documentation eventually may apply for citizenship, and those who have served in our military should be placed ahead of the line."

Shaylyn Hynes, a spokeswoman for Poe, said that the congressman "remains opposed to amnesty."

"If a guest-worker program was implemented, he would not support a pathway that included citizenship," she said.

Hynes said her office had received only a handful of calls from opponents of the guest-worker program.

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