3 Scenes in Avril Lavigne's New Video That Save it From Being a Total Trainwreck

Avril Lavignes new music video for "Rock N Roll" is pretty out there.PlayVevo/AvrilLavigne
WATCH 3 Scenes That Save Avril Lavigne's Ridiculous Music Video

Avril Lavigne's music video for her new song "Rock N Roll" is beyond random. There's a scene in a diner where a baby gets smacked across the room with a tabletop. There's a lobster with a pocketknife. There's a greyhound wearing a suit that drives drunk. I'm telling you, there's everything and nothing in this video.

If you're wondering whether the video has any redeeming factors, watch our review above for the 3 scenes that save it from being the worst video on the Internet. Now it's just the weirdest.