Halle Berry Falls In Love With Host's Dog And Learns To Make Taquitos

PHOTO: Halle Berry at Univisions morning show Despierta America.PlaySantiago Wills
WATCH Halle Berry On The Univision Morning Show

Halle Berry came to Univision's morning show 'Despierta America' this morning ready to dance, cook, and steal one of the host's dogs.

The Univision morning show has an interesting method of interviewing English-speaking celebrities; they speak to the celeb in Spanish while a translator is translating their question to the guest in English. Then the guest responds in English and is dubbed in Spanish for Univision's Spanish speaking audience. It's pretty entertaining to watch. Two people talking at each other in different languages is always strange to see, especially when one of them is someone as big as Halle Berry.

Before walking onto the living room set, one of the host's dogs -- named Honey -- ran up to Halle. They fell in love instantly and Halle insisted on bringing Honey on the set with her for her interview. It was hard to listen to what Halle was saying during the interview because her hands were all over that dog.

She tells us what she does with her red carpet gowns after the award shows are over, what kind of movie she'd like to do next, and is showered in flowers from 'Despierta's' male hosts (all of which claim to be her biggest fan). For the second half of the show Halle joined Karla Martínezon, one of the hosts, at a kitchen set to make flautas, a Mexican tortilla filled with chicken. Halle mentions how she likes to cook, but that her four-year-old daughter Nahla only eats pastas and cheeses. "So she's constipated a lot," she jokes.

'Despierta America' always finds strange things to do with their guests. We can only imagine what it's like when their publicists get the script for the show. We wonder about their reactions when they read "and then she'll make taquitos," or "after this, a man dressed in a woman's maid outfit will try to kiss him," like it must've read for Mark Wahlberg's appearance.

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Halle was a good sport though, and for that, we salute her!