A Recent Study Found Nuts and Olive Oil Are Good for You

My father is nuts for nuts and the Mediterranean diet, and he explains why.
3:04 | 03/02/13

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Transcript for A Recent Study Found Nuts and Olive Oil Are Good for You
-- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- think you so much for joining us but my son for you anything. That's true I am your son. I'm -- your father. And -- of public health expert you do research on nuts and vegetarian diets you look at nutrition territory there was a study published this week in new England journal of medicine. By research is in Spain. Who examined the role of plan based Mediterranean diets in cardiovascular health and risk. What's significant to what's important about the results of the study well of the of -- -- -- -- them for several reasons why -- Is because all -- -- all these studies show that person speaking -- -- yet when he comes from underneath trying. One sources. He's been if you show that's one thing. The second thing is that these are clinical trial. That may have trial is the highest level of evidence so the connection he's not an association on -- -- -- connection. East causal. And I -- Finally. Debt reduction west numb minimum 30%. Of production on decreased gulf country -- for these east. He's a huge reduction so what does plant based diet mean. Okay that's a good question I mean a plan based -- yet he's had the idea that Brian floats. A descendant of the plate. And I mean -- products had just seized me say yoga or so -- Consume -- -- -- in a small quantities. -- infrequently. Energy acted and the steady for ethical reasons can you tell me about that. For the -- -- the study IOS member of that that the management and safety board -- an independent community. Not relate that -- the study. That has the authority he. To close the -- For ethical reasons. We keep. Recommend to stop the study. Because that -- feet. All of that the Mediterranean diets -- so clear that we then went to post bond. That treatment to the subjects in the control group -- these two foods that would have been -- -- -- So what's the take away how can people improve their health through the diet if somebody easy and extremely high five -- -- could die yet. You will be booked to adopt a diet that has more planned -- where that major and -- style or any other style. For some of them are -- -- a good chair of these -- and -- What did you study saying that -- UN of doing so now is -- time to incorporate aspects diversion only -- Evaluate the on me nuts once a week maybe now we stand to do 304 times -- week.

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{"id":18637319,"title":"A Recent Study Found Nuts and Olive Oil Are Good for You","duration":"3:04","description":"My father is nuts for nuts and the Mediterranean diet, and he explains why.","url":"/ABC_Univision/video/nuts-olive-oil-mediterranean-diet-cardiovascular-18637319","section":"ABC_Univision","mediaType":"default"}