Spanish Telenovelas and James Bond Movies Have Something in Common

We all know what's going to happen, but we just want to find out how it's going to happen.
5:15 | 04/05/13

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Transcript for Spanish Telenovelas and James Bond Movies Have Something in Common
-- Well. Since. -- to. Help. I don't. Know what -- mean look what. The -- over the an -- to make something predictable unpredictable. In -- all with the same format. Would you just want to know what's going to happen. -- Literally services. The thing. Federal authorities one will be you know bad if you gonna -- the world he's gonna get bigger off you know everything and he retirement these when film comes out you going -- So this is expected this -- -- with them and went. Around -- -- of this snow and we're doing now is an original story of young girl who comes from humble beginnings. And falls in love with my character -- Famous lawyer and love and -- but the problem is she's very young. Easiest way is a damn the end -- -- -- a modest but that it would listen -- The kid they that they get his son this so unless the -- -- click a subsequent open sun. Each day yet at the pump -- in the common room. And they thought it outside. That that they Medivation. This but it does the animal and -- -- but. This is just like love scenes and other things that you do our very. But obviously that's -- dilemma is to make it look as real as possible because you want the audience ago. You know that. That. To speedily you know that that side of loved you know because that's what I think everybody's looking -- in -- criminal relevant looking for a lot of drama mind and a lot of -- a lot of love. And that's what we give them. My wife who is my coach -- And and manager steps off the set when when I'm doing that. -- so obviously you know -- boundaries. And just make it look as realistic cannon and and and tell your spouse I was just kidding. Which is always the truth you bull. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- You're lucky that it you know but let me -- that giving that is -- that is -- -- and he's still been a Pristina Friday. Liz had seemed an internal continued to meet -- he. These days he's seen him coming from a government -- -- that planned this year. Again this -- would have been anybody in this for so many that is his Luna. Is it even deal. We don't and I think what good -- In Mexico and and in here in the United States to use what's called an apple -- off. It's a little -- peace and there's. Gentleman back there among -- -- -- our friend who. Dictates. It gives you your dialogue. But ultimately you'll notice of Italy's senate the -- ended the evening John -- he can most of the actors have that and so there they know what's going on but they're getting their dialogue fed to them by someone and in -- -- I don't happening use that though I had to get used to memorizing a lot of dialogue sort of have kept. Doing it that way. -- eight -- into technique and and does his expenses he O'Connell then a -- and noticed English having a man who will be -- -- -- -- the continent Buckeyes. Doing it. Although we usually ask me that the story takes place -- -- -- I would mean market it is based in Southern California in 42% of of the national rating comes from there. And so -- we are trying to appeal to that audience. I think -- around. Twelve in the -- let's a year in the US -- for the youth and I think that we we should continue these markets because. The -- at -- market keeps going and growing and growing and growing. And an -- give these kind of -- -- to -- and we have to to keep up with -- audience with the English speaking. And the Spanish because that's in the market.

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{"id":18891522,"title":"Spanish Telenovelas and James Bond Movies Have Something in Common","duration":"5:15","description":"We all know what's going to happen, but we just want to find out how it's going to happen.","url":"/ABC_Univision/video/scenes-telenovela-18891522","section":"ABC_Univision","mediaType":"default"}