Most Journalists Covering Immigration Are White, Study Says

"On the issue of style, I want to know who is in the style meetings and how diverse those meetings are," NPR's Hinojosa said on MSNBC's Sunday morning show "Up with Chris Hayes". "Because with the demographic change that is occurring in our country that diversity in the media must occur."

According the 4th Estate study, less than one percent of The New York Times front page stories are written by Hispanics, even though nearly one third of the city is Hispanic. The media outlet still uses the term.

Charlie Garcia, a contributor at CNN, Fox News, and The Huffington Post made a similar accuastion about the Associated Press and their decision to use "illegal immigrant."

"The AP is the main problem on this issue, because everybody uses them as an excuse. And on their board of 19, how many are Latinos?," Garcia asked in an interview with ABC/Univision. "Zero. Zero are Latino. Zero." The AP did not respond to a request to confirm this number.

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