Brian Ross Reports on the D.C. Madam: Read the Complete Transcript

Brian Ross: They didn't want to go?

Jean Palfrey: Because he was an unpleasant person.

In a statement to "20/20," Ullman's lawyer said any notion that Ullman's testimony would help Palfrey is incorrect.

Palfrey says Ullman and her other clients shouldn't blame her for their embarrassment.

Jeane Palfrey: This is on the head of the government. They looked at us and said we don't care about the clients. We just don't care.

The phone numbers also track back to Georgetown mansions and prominent CEOs, officials at the World Bank and the International Monetary Fund and lobbyists both Republican and Democratic.

But as usually is the case in Washington, much of it is dull. There were no members of Congress that we could find in these phone records, no White House officials.

Quite frankly, but for the few exceptions, most of the men on this list just aren't newsworthy, not even as customers of the D.C. Madam's escort service.

The most tragic aspect of this case is what happened to one of the women who worked for Jeane Palfrey.

Brandy Britton was a professor at the University of Maryland, with a Ph.D. in sociology when she started to work as a call girl for the D.C. Madam.

Jeane Palfrey: This is a woman who was divorced, who was trying to raise two, ah, high-school children, college-age children. Great job title, the great position, all the respect in the world, but she wasn't making enough money. So she decided to do a little moonlighting.

Last October, as the investigation into the D.C. Madam was gaining steam, Professor Britton was arrested by local police on prostitution charges, making big headlines in Baltimore.

Jeane Palfrey: And she was publicly outed, is a good way to put it, she was absolutely humiliated. Ah, she couldn't take the humiliation. Her whole life was destroyed. And she, she just, ah, ultimately committed suicide.

Jeane Palfrey says she's been humiliated too, but she won't let the government bring her down without a fight.

Jeane Palfrey: I just keep my head high. I guess I'm made of something that Brandy Britton wasn't made of. You know, I, I've got something in me. What that is, it's, it can't be defined, but there's something in me that won't let 'em get away with it. And I'm not going to let these bastards get away with it.

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