Congresswoman Claims 'Intimidation' From Blackwater Founder

Schakowsky: Letter an 'Effort to Keep Me Quiet'

Schakowsky said she saw the letter's pointed references to her past criticism of Prince and Blackwater and to her husband's legal troubles clearly as an attempt to make her stand down in her vocal opposition to the private security industry.

"They wanted to make it very clear to me that they would fight right back and bring up statements about my husband. This too was an effort to keep me quiet and it won't and it hasn't," she said. "They wanted to get very personal. That's the kind of fight they want."

The letter also criticizes Schakowsky for allegedly saying Prince emigrated to the United Arab Emirates. Though the New York Times reported in August 2010 Prince had moved to Abu Dubai, Corallo said Prince remains a U.S. citizen, keeps several homes in the U.S. and was in country only a couple weeks ago. Prince went to the UAE that August -- in the midst of the legal action against many high-level Blackwater officials -- for business, Corallo said.

In an apparent re-imaging attempt, Blackwater changed its name to Xe Services in 2009. Prince has since been reportedly linked to other private security groups working in the Middle East and Africa.

The letter specifically says that since her words were printed abroad, Schakowsky is subject to defamation laws in those lands as well. In the United Kingdom, where the Independent is printed, libel laws are more favorable to the plaintiff than in the U.S.

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